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Instagram Is Testing Removing Like Counts! But Why?

Instagram's Testing Removing Like Counts.

Liza Hall


There is concern social media platforms can contribute to low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy in young people, and Instagram has said that it’s removing likes as part of a broader focus on user wellbeing.

“We don’t want Instagram to be such a competition. We want it to be a place where people spend more of their energy connecting with the people that they love and the things that they care about.”

Instagram launched a similar trial in Canada in May and the new test is rolling out in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Brazil, the company told the BBC.

The test is already underway in Canada, with the total like count now replaced with a non-specific ‘Liked by…’ message below post images.

Will Instagram removing like counts make the platform a more accommodating, better experience? Will it actually help in any way? Social Media Today explores further… Continue Reading