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Platforms such as Google AdWords, social media profiles, LinkedIn groups, and a basic website not only increases the SME’s exposure in the market, but also gives potential lenders comfort that the business is well-supported and in a healthy state.

“In our current economic climate, a go-it-alone, shoot-from-the-hip approach is a recipe for disaster. SME owners should prioritise gaining access to funding, improving their financial and administrative processes, expand their marketing efforts, and seek appropriate partnerships to ensure they continue to survive and thrive”,  Trevor Gosling – CEO of Lulalend

With all the different areas of your business that are crucial for success, Marketing is essential and crucial for your brand, businesses growth and sustainability. From website development, to content generation and social media management, lead generation, and PPC marketing, our services and support allow our clients to focus on what they do best, knowing that we have got their Brand and their business reputation, covered.


This is for you if you are simply wanting to give your business a facelift and use your rebranding as an opportunity to relaunch your product or service or put yourself in front of your target clients in a bigger, better way. OR, if you are a new business owner, wanting a professional, functional, effective brand identity.

SME Support Partners offers a logo creation service for your digital brand.  This option is for you if you are looking for a simple and functional logo without the massive expensive of a professional logo designer. Logos are suppled in JPG and PDF print ready formats and include 2 layout options and 2 revisions.

Designed with your brand look and feel in mind, standard size 90 x 50 mm, double-sided, includes 2 layout options, 3 proof revisions, a PDF file and a JPG file.


Designed so you can simply copy and paste, 1 layout option, 3 revisions, a PNG file and an emailed copy and paste version of your final design.


A professionally designed A4 or A5 document for your services, using your supplied text and image (or our stock images should you not have). Includes 1 option, 3 revisions and final files in print-ready PDF format and jpg for email/online use.



If you are serious about growing and attracting your ideal customers, think website! Your website is the center of your business universe and the hub that connects all your digital marketing efforts. A great website will provide valuable, practical information that your customers expect to find. 

We combine software with our expertise to build systems that are perfect for your business. 

Our focus is on creating delightful digital customer experiences for our clients. And we believe it all starts with a website that works well.

Options include domain registration, hosting and a free SSL certificate.

We use the popular responsive software WordPress, to develop an affordable website that will suit your needs and business requirements. 

You will be supplied the login details where you can  easily update the text, images, video, products and other content, which will save your business costs.  

If your WordPress site requires a revamp, we can assist with that too. 


Visitors need to have a reason to come back to your site. They want relevant information that speaks in their terms. They’re looking for help to make a buying decision. Whether it be blog or social media posts, we can help.

Websites, like cars require maintenance to operate properly. Properly maintaining your site helps to ensure site security, increase the number of new visitors, boost returning traffic, and more.

Google Analytics is one of the top, most powerful tools out there for monitoring and analysing traffic on your website.It gives you an enormous amount of information about who is visiting your site, what they are looking for, and how they are getting to your site. Any business that wants to expand and grow their business online should definitely be using Google Analytics.

Social Media

If you are looking to build your online brand reputation, increase your brand footprint or generate more website traffic and quality leads, then social media is a must. Let us audit or set up your Business Channels or provide your business with an affordable social media management plan.

We’ll set up of your Facebook business page OR freshen up your existing Facebook page for you. We’ll also design of a Facebook cover image,  properly sized thumbnail, and share some Facebook basics (creating a posting schedule, how to schedule a post) so you know how to get started.


Set up or help setting up of your Instagram business account, linking it to your Facebook business page, helping you choose the right hashtags for your brand and your market. We can help.



Yup, we can set this up for you too!

If your LinkedIn marketing strategy is limited to a personal profile (and an out-of-date, bare-bones CV) —it’s time to up your game. You need a detailed and informative, relevant business page if you want to grow your audience and drive business results.

We’ll set up your MailChimp account, and connect it with your website to make sure you don’t loose the leads that subscribe.  From landing pages, to creating your sign-up form, and designing a basic template you can use to send out monthly emailers. Or, we’ll take care of that for you all together. 


We have partnered with many existing and emerging SME businesses, and assisted with their business marketing strategies, web development, brand image and  day-to-day digital marketing.

From digital coaching and marketing workshops, to web development, and social media management. Our services and support allow our clients to remain focussed on what they do best, yet on track with their marketing objectives. If you are looking for growth and sustainability, Partner, And partner well!

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