Let's Determine Your Needs.
Planning is Key!

Do Not Fail To Plan

The Ultimate Goal is to launch or grow your business.  This questionaire will help us understand where your business is currently with regards to your branding and website.  It will also help us provide you with the information for you to plan your next step and how to best execute it with your current budget. 

Take The Next Step

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”
A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website. If you have a domain name reserved, please advise us of the URL.
This is crucial information, as we will need to check and book your domain and provide hosting. Web development can look very different depending on what hosting company you use. The hosting dashboard, CPanel options, and server speed are all important factors. We will need access to the Cpanel if you do. SocialHAT has a preferred hosting partner based on superior service. We are happy to reserve your domain and provide hosting.
Please be sure to select your PRIMARY goal or purpose, as this will help determine the layout, style, and call to actions. The choices are Limited to 3 Options.
Knowing what call to actions our client wants is instrumental in creating a design that lines up with the purpose of your new site.
Getting a clear vision of the functionalities of your site will help prevent your website build costs from increasing as the Project unfolds. Please consider what you need so we can make sure your requirements are catered for.
Minimum of 4 Home, About us, Our services, Contact Us. Please NOTE that additional pages will increase the cost of your project build. Think carefully about your choices.
Please List the Sites and URLs, including features of the site you would like to have. If we can see examples, the development will take less time, cost less and have the functionality you desire. This will provide socialHAT with examples of features that might be difficult to describe. It can be especially helpful for us to know what features they like on competitor sites.
Website content includes — website copy, graphics, images, logo, fonts, etc.
The time required to create the site will determine the pricing. The more your business can supply, the less your site will end up costing. All content must be supplied in a word document under each heading and sub-heading to save on time and development.
Branding includes materials that the website will need to match.
Each Page of your website will need to be populated with information, branding and website assets and icons. Please consider what your Business may be missing and socialHAT will be happy to provide you with a cost on development.
We pride ourselves on Service. We want to ascertain our client’s needs can be met by the deadline. We will provide your business with a timeline based on existing projects on-the-go.
We can supply A cost-effective and affordable monthly maintenance plan in order to keep your site in tip-top shape. A website maintenance plan can include updates for themes and plugins, adding new features through plugins, as well as ongoing changes such as images, prices, backups, etc.
Please think carefully about your choice. Rather stick to one or a couple of Social Media Sites. Social Media takes time and engagement. But it has great rewards for brand expsure and getting your brand name out into the market place.
SocialHAT can assist your business with all of the above. Whether simultaneously or further down the line, we are happy to provide you with an estimate so you are able to budget on your Business requirements and deadlines.

Crystal Clear Marketing Plans